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Join the Redcup coffee revolution

24th July 2008

Redcup coffee have always been a bit on the revolutionary side.

They pioneered fresh tasty bean to cup office coffee. It changed the lives of millions of hard-working people who’d suffered years of vile vending machine sludge. That was the first Redcup Revolution.

Next they introduced office coffee machines that work. That was the second Redcup Revolution.

Now they’re the only company recycling coffee. They take used coffee grounds and turn them into compost with a pleasant aroma. That was the third Redcup Revolution.

That’s not the end of the story. Now they have revolutionised their branding and website. What a hardship this has been… which wonderful coffee should we try next? …Well it certainly kept us alert and fresh with new ideas.

Redcup office coffee branding project

Over the past few months we have had the pleasure of working with Jeremy and his team to define their core values and brand positioning, design their branding and corporate id, and design and develop a content managed website to help drive new custom to their business.

If your in or around London and are looking for an office coffee company, a coffee vending company that stands out from the crowd or simply in need of some fabulous plumbed in water filters then have a look at their website.


Redcup Coffee – Coffee Revolution at Work.


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