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Novelties Galore specialise in Party Supplies, in fact wholesale party supplies to be more precise. They supply novelties and other party accessories to businesses and individuals looking to have a great party.

Feelingpeaky created this e-commerce site for Novelties Galore a couple of years ago and since then the client’s business has gone from strength to strength. Whilst the site would have worked fine as it was I think the key reason why business has grown is the client’s commitment to improvements and marketing over the long term. That’s why we are talking Christmas Crackers in August!

But it’s hot outside…

I know it’s summer and feels way too early to be thinking about Christmas however, Novelties Galore is one of the largest distributors of Christmas crackers in the country and therefore we need to plan ahead to make the most of the season when it arrives. There are a number of keys to good search engine listings – the primary one being good content. With this in mind we prepared some interesting facts about Christmas crackers, some fun Christmas cracker jokes, and introduction to how to make your own Christmas crackers. The next step will be to starting building quality links into this page with the final aim to get it to page 1 in Google by the autumn. We are already there for our primary keyword phrase of ‘wholesale chistmas crackers‘ but we feel there could be a big boost in sales by improving listings on the more generic term ‘Christmas Crackers‘.

I’ll look to report back on year on year performance later in the year.