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Is my website mobile friendly?

We’ve had a lot of clients ask us over the last year or two “Is my website mobile friendly?” or “Is my website responsive?”. They’ve witnessed the unstoppable growth of mobile phone usage over the past few years and want to ensure that their website works and displays correctly on a mobile phone.

Well of course it ‘works’ on a mobile phone in terms of being accessible via internet browsers, but is it friendly? Generally pre-2014 website builds by Feelingpeaky Ltd were not mobile friendly. Post 2014 all of our website builds have been set up to be mobile responsive. This means that their layout adapts according to the device the website is being viewed on – be that mobile phone, tablet or desktop.


Why is it so important to have a mobile friendly website?

Today more people search on mobile phones than computers and people are 5 times more likely to leave a website if it is not mobile friendly. Ultimately, mobile friendly websites make more money! A better user experience leads to higher conversion rates. Not having a mobile friendly website means you could be missing out on revenues for your business.


Test how mobile friendly your website is

Today it is easier than ever to test how mobile-friendly your website is. Google provides a fantastic service to test how mobile-friendly your site is

This test covers off how mobile friendly your website is and how fast it is on mobile and desktop – also providing the ability to get a full report.

Test how mobile-friendly your website is


So is it good news?

So what next? If your website isn’t mobile-friendly then now is the time to remedy this. Depending on the age and complexity of your website this can be a relatively straight forward exercise. But you may want to take this opportunity to really re-think your website. Is it working? Is it driving leads to your business? Is it good design that works? At Feelingpeaky we’ve done simple fixes to take an old website and adjust its layouts so that it presents in a mobile-friendly way. We’ve also helped clients with their online marketing strategy and driven programmes to produce newly redesigned, mobile-friendly websites. Either way we’re happy to help and always provide transparent pricing. Get in touch and have a chat.