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London based, Carole Ann Rice is one of the UK’s leading life coaches who has literally turned around the lives of countless people who, like you, no longer wanted to waste time and money on things that don’t work. Regularly featured in newspapers magazines and TV programmes her unique style of life coaching has produced some phenomenal results.

The trouble is her old website wasn’t performing the same phenomenal results – why – well it lacked consistent structure and clear navigation. The site had no obvious goals or outcomes and design was stuck in the 90’s and included the dreaded ‘comic sans’ font.

So what did we do for this London Life Coach?

The first thing we focused on was the communication goals for the site. It turns out that Carole Ann’s business is driven by two things – her offer for an initial free life coaching session and her monthly newsletter – Wit & Wisdom. So this is what we focused on.

In terms of design – Carole Ann wanted a very specific style – retro/americana/bewitched. She wanted to stand out from the run of the mill sites and be seen as something a little more special. Our design involved reworking the logo, developing a caricature and animation and adding a variety of design elements to build up that positioning.

The end result – Within the first few weeks Carole Ann has already seen a massive increase in the take up of her newsletter. Her site has jumped from know where in Google to page 2 for Life Coach London. A key focus of the site – as it was ascertained that clients were looking for a local life coach. It still very early days but we’ll look to take her new site up to page 1 on Google where she belongs.

Looking for a Life Coach in London? – contact Carole Ann Rice of the Real Coaching Co. Why the links on search phrases? We’ll this is to help tell search engines about the page that they are going to. In turn, this will help Carole Ann be found under her target search phrases and along with the other actions we are implementing help her to build her business online.