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Print design for primary school workshops

By October 9, 2008 No Comments

CREW are on of our favourite clients. A large part of their business is focused on primary school workshops. Therefore when ever we see them we know there will be something new and exciting to design. Over the past couple of years we have rebranded CREW, created a website, provided postcard mailers and a primary school workshop brochure. More recently we have been getting involved in the workshops themselves. A couple of examples are: ‘Clued up or Clueless’ – which challenges children to use their senses, memories and minds in order to solve the mind-boggling, crime cracking murder mystery and ‘Express Yourself’ – self-expression workshops that target the children’s speaking and listening skills. Primary school workshop brochures

With each workshop we provided a teachers pack and family puzzlers for the children to take home. Over the projects we have created a huge library of illustrations, design and artwork: Clued up or Clueless? - Primary school workshop

For the ‘Clued-up or Clueless?’ workshop we also got to provide further materials to support the workshop like acetate finger print charts, suspect profiles, and a large floor plan shown below. All the design and illustration is handled in house.

Primary school workshop floor plan

To find out more about CREW please visit their site: If you have a fun and funky brief that you would like us to look at please call us on 020 8997 4700 or email