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Traditional marketing works wanders…

By September 29, 2007 No Comments

This month our managing director, Chris Peak was asked to give a presentation to The Athena Network on how to improve the effectiveness of your online marketing. The presentation was well received especially after a fantastic introduction and recommendation by a client of ours – London life coach, Carole Ann Rice… Since we built her site back in the summer she has seen a massive uplift in interest and sales gaining clients from around the World.

However, the reason we titled this ‘traditional marketing works wanders…’ was the fact that The Athena Network reminded us again of how one of the oldest forms of marketing – networking – can work so well. Vibrant and fast-growing, Athena is the UK’s premier business networking organisation for women and is establishing a significant international presence. Meetings are run extremely professionally and to a tight schedule. Since Chris was presenting at the meeting he was allowed special dispensation to join them. During the meeting everyone had the opportunity to present a “minute to win it/ elevator pitch”. Chris mentioned that an ideal referral for Feelingpeaky would be other marketing agencies without the in-house competence to carry out web design or development projects. A husband of one of the ladies present turned out to be the managing director of just such an agency. One week later we are already in the process of designing and building two web sites for a casino client of his. We spend a lot of our time focusing our energies online, but sometimes it’s a simple bit of networking that makes all the difference.

Special thanks to Liz, the owner of Babye – who specialises in contemporary maternity wear amongst other things for that wonderful introduction.