Greencup Coffee

Who are they?

Wow Greencup – where do we start? A coffee brand with aspirations to be set apart from others. How? By being “greener” than the rest. By devising a solution for all those spent coffee grinds. Turning it into coffee fertiliser (that also acts a slug repellent!).

The Challenge

Greencup came to us with a great business concept. However the challenge was to translate this into a visual identity and then roll this out across all brand touch points whilst communicating their unique offer and constantly reinforcing quality.

The Solution

A war chest of deliverables all steming from the initial communication strategy. Brand identity, website, packaging design, direct mail print work to drive www business and email marketing to engage and nurture customers. We advised on social marketing and supported the whole launch and subsequent development of this great brand.

Coffee fertiliser packaging design

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