The Prudence Trust

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The Prudence Trust

Who are they?

The Prudence Trust is a grant-making charity, established in 2020, investing in the advancement of young people’s mental health services and research in the UK.


The Challenge

Newly formed charitable trust, the Prudence Trust, approached the Feelingpeaky team with a brief to to demonstrate online that they are an open and accessible organisation, and one that is aligned with its new visual identity.

Information on the website needed to be presented in a manner that helped potential or current grantees, and other audiences, find what they are looking for in an efficient way. Secondly, the website needs help improve qualified grant applications – due to resourcing time constraints it was deemed important to minimise unsuccessful applications as this is a time burden both to the internal trust’s limited resources and to the charity applying for the grant.

In line with modern day digital users, the website needed to be fully responsive across desktop, tablet and mobile devices and be SEO optimised.

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The Solution

We focused the design of the website to ensure that the content was structured in a logical way to meet audience information needs and the organisation objectives. Propositions such as the impactful ‘#oneinsix’ statistic and other key messages are articulated in a clear and motivating way. Tone of voice is consistent and in-line with the brand. The content answers organisation objectives, meets users’ aims and the website is search engine friendly.

Key objectives were achieved in the following ways:

• Visitors are provided with easily accessible and useful information about The Prudence Trust.

• Grant areas and grants are presented clearly and in a way that is logical and informative.

• The website engages with the various target audiences and organisations that come looking at The Prudence Trust.

• The responsive website presents attractively and functionally to users independent of the device they arrive at the website on – eg. mobile, tablet or desktop.

• The website is accessible for people with disabilities.

• The website is built using a CMS with fully trained staff and ongoing support.



As part of the brief we were staggered to learn that, in the UK, one in six children and young people aged 5-19 years have a clinical mental health disorder. We elevated this statistic as much as possible in the page designs to emphasise the importance of the work the trust funds.

Prudence Trust - Why Young People's Mental Health - illustration
Prudence Trust - Why Young People's Mental Health - illustration

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