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A brand is not a logo, an identity or product. A brand is the gut feeling a person has about a product, service or organisation. This is because brands are defined by individuals and we are intuitive and emotive beings. See some of our branding designers past and present work and contact us to help you with your brand growth.

Branding designers go on Safari adventures

Longleat has been one of the UK’s best-loved attractions for over 60 years. Featuring the UK’s No.1 Safari Park; a Main Square jam packed with fabulous attractions; and majestic Longleat House, one of the most stunning stately homes in Britain.

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Longleat brand design consultancy
Noje brand identity and packaging design

Branding for Noje

A Scandinavian influenced luxurious hot chocolate. Our commitment to pure, simple & quality ingredients delivers an authentic, crafted drink to pleasure.

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Greencup brand identity design and so much more

Wow Greencup – where do we start? A coffee brand with aspirations to be set apart from others. How? By being “greener” than the rest. By devising a solution for all those spent coffee grinds. Turning it into coffee fertiliser (that also acts a slug repellent!).

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Greencup brand identity and packaging design

Our team breathes life into brands

We are a ‘family’ team of creative practitioners in the areas of design, marcoms and technology. Our team breathes life into brands. We are also parents, runners, cyclists, rugby fanatics, musicians and scrumpy cider makers.

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Team branding designers
Brand identity, packaging design
Brand identity, responsive website, app design and development
Brand identity
Brand identity, packaging design, website design and development
Brand identity, website design and development
brand identity, responsive website design