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What is content marketing?

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The benefits of content marketing

  • Improves brand awareness
  • Educates your customers
  • Build & foster stronger customer relationships
  • Helps position yourselves as industry experts
  • Drives traffic to your website
  • Helps you remain competitive
  • Your shared content increases your web and social media traffic
  • Improves your SEO and online visibility
  • Boosts profits!!!

Content Marketing Services

Video that engages

Recent research search shows that 81% of businesses are using video as a marketing tool – so why aren’t you?

We’ve got the bug for video and delight fills the air when a new project comes in.  Our services range from video edits to fully project managed video packages.


Illustrations are a great alternative to telling your story.  A refreshing change some may say to the other options out there, particularly stock photos!

At Feelingpeaky we have our very own and special illustrators. We work with you to design illustrations that provide personality, point of difference and real impact.


An exciting medium that may be overlooked by traditionalists – it’s not just for toddlers.  Animation is a fantastic way of telling a very complex story which told in words would not work.  You can really widen the goal posts with animation and create something truly entertaining which in turn becomes more memorable and shareable.


Another visual medium that can really pack a punch, particularly on social media.  Channels such as Instagram and Pinterest exist on photo sharing. Think about your products/services and how they fit into your buyer’s persona.


We have a wealth of experience writing copy for clients here at Feelingpeaky.  We can provide a full copy writing service to populate your website or we can offer advice on writing for web, writing from a search engine optimisation point of view or simply labelling – calls to action and navigation. Tone of voice, value proposition, key messaging all focused to engage and resonate with the reader.


People love information – especially statistics, numbers and figures.  Infographics are perfect for compiling a lot of data into one easy-to-follow format that’s both nice to look at and persuasive.


Yes, the phenomenon of blogging has been around for ages!  But you would be surprised at the amount of our clients who have over the years neglected this area of content marketing.  Many websites have the unloved blog page.  Yes it takes a bit of time and thought to write a blog piece, but the benefits are immense – it increases brand awareness in search engines and attracts visitors to your website!


One of the key strengths of eBooks is that they’re downloadable and you have the option to capture the users contact information if you so wish (and with their permission). This form of content can be any size and therefore can offer much more than a blog post. Which is why many don’t mind entering their personal details in return for engaging and purposeful content. So whilst the initial expenditure in time and development can be higher than blogs, case studies or news articles the rewards can far outweigh these by their lead generation qualities.

Video testimonials

Viewers become much more emotionally engaged if they can view a client success story rather than reading about it. This adds even more credibility to your story, which can only be a good thing right? It’s also worth knowing that videos are shared much more frequently than text content. So what are you waiting for – get in touch to discuss your ideas.


Get practical advice for all your content marketing needs. We can help.

We’ve helped many clients drive business growth through good digital strategy and content marketing. Our team of website consultants will help you deliver a growth plan for your business. Let’s start talking.


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