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Ever noticed how nothing stays the same in business? What’s changed since you last looked at your brand?

– You’ve got bigger.  Or smaller
– You offer different products or services
– You’ve taken on new people – so the culture of the company has changed
– The competition is doing things different – and succeeding
– You want to attract new groups of customers
– The customers you have want different things

If you answered yes to any of the above, your brand has changed too.

How will a rebrand help?

– Clarify who you want to attract and what they want now
– Show what the competition is up to and where customers see you in comparison
– Take advantage of what’s different and special about you today
– Win new customers
– Keep the loyalty of the customers you have
– Inspire your people to work towards your business goals

Follow our story

Take us, for instance. 10 years ago, we were all about websites. Our customers wanted more so we moved into print. Then we started using a freelance copywriter. Now we do full rebranding projects. Over that time, we got busier. So we employed an account manager. And another designer. We moved into a new office. Back in 2001 we had 1½ people. Now we’re 7 full or part-timers and have numerous specialists who we call on when we need them. Have we rebranded ourselves? No. But we know we need to. And we are about to start.

Watch our rebranding project in action – we’ll update you through our newsletters and blog.

Have you got a branding story to share?