Artist of Makeup

Who are they?

Artist of Makeup, founded by Zukreat Nazar, a celebrity makeup artist known to bring her artistic flair and creativity to the makeup world is a leading makeup brand in the UK.

The Challenge

Artist of Makeup had outgrown their original website on Magento. The website was not mobile friendly and yet through stats 80 plus percent of visitors came to the website on a mobile phone. Every week they were losing sales opportunities through the impact of this on conversion rates.

The Solution

Mobile first design created an engaging, modern and professional e-commerce store that worked first and foremost on mobile phones. 

Looking at the stats for the last 6 months on Artist of Makeup – sales are up compared to the same period last year, online store visitors are up and average order value is up. They can track these sales and the marketing activities that effect them.

Services delivered

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Artist of Makeup Responsive Graphic
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