Cally Loyalty Program

Who are they?

Cally is a mobile based loyalty and customer relationship management system for local and independent businesses. Its aim is to help save the local high street by providing businesses with all the necessary tools to acquire, engage and delight customers. Helping to drive revenues and build equity in their business.

The Challenge

One fifth of Britain’s stores (62k) will close by 2018.

The stark issue facing our local and independent retailers first hit home when we heard about a study published by the Centre for Retail Research. It stated that more than a fifth of Britain’s stores (62k) will close by 2018 as increasing numbers of customers switch to internet shopping. Further, online sales will reach 30% of all sales by 2020 and there are around 40,000 empty shops in the UK.

If we don’t start shopping local and being locally loyal we’ll continue to see the decline of the high street and the centre of our communities. A strong culture of buying locally is the foundation of a sustainable local economy.

Research has shown that spending £10 with a local independent shop, means up to an additional £50 goes back in to the local economy. Locally owned independent retailers are the backbone of the community.

The Solution

Cally is a customer loyalty program designed to help make customers be locally loyal.

Cally aims to be part of the solution by to help save the local high street by providing a smart loyalty marketing scheme at very little cost. To give local business the effective marketing tools that the big guys have access to. And by providing rewards to give consumers a reason to shop locally and support their local economy. Ultimately it’s about increasing revenues for local business.

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