Make It Make It (MIMI) Ltd

Who are they?

MIMI Skincare Kits was born out of the need to find truly 100% natural skincare for sensitive skin.

From the moment you open a MIMI Kit your senses will be delighted and your hands will want to get busy. The sight of the colourful ingredients lovingly packed in bottles, sachets and pots, and the complex aroma of the essential oils will make you go ‘oooh’. And as you pour, blend, mix, and stir you’ll know you’re creating something special.

The Challenge

MIMI is a start-up skincare company with a difference – 100% natural skincare products that come in kits. Meaning you can make them up fresh and at your convenience at home. We were challenged to develop a brand identity for MIMI and sub branding and packaging for its three launch products to get them to market. Following successful trials at markets we were then tasked to deliver an ecommerce store to enable the products to be sold online.

The Solution

Feelingpeaky worked with the client to really capture the unique positioning and personality of the brand and ensure that the MIMI launch products stood out in a marketplace full of white and muted packaging. A Shopify store was delivered to help bring the products to market and the branding was rolled out across social media channels and a whole plethora of print collateral.

MIMI Packaging
MIMI Packaging
Make it Make it website design

I'm absolutely delighted with the MIMI branding and product packaging that Feelingpeaky designed. The logo, layout and FSC stock represent my brand and product perfectly.

Jess Baker, Director, Make It Make It Ltd

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