Who are they?

Lords are a London based independent builders merchant chain who have built their reputation on service, reliability and flexibility. Lords first opened their doors in 1985 and subsequently opened a further two major 2.5 acre heavyside sites at Park Royal in 2001 and Hayes in 2013.

The Challenge

Feelingpeaky were tasked to create a campaign that utilised highly focused local media to re-launch the Lords Hayes branch following a £1M+ investment. We needed to challenge previous opinions of the depot within the trade community and focus on the usp of being local and independent.

The Solution

We decided on a typographical approach, which suited the type of media booked by the client, and  enabled us to shout loud and clear about the ‘local & independent’ usp. We also underlined the financial investment which had been made in the depot to help assert a change in previous perceptions and encourage a return visit by tradespeople.

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