Capital Karts

Design project including UX, messaging, responsive design and development.

Capital Karts

Who are they?

Capital Karts offer all the thrills of karting on the fastest indoor track in the UK. Their next generation electric karts are powered by electricity from 100% renewable sources. The 800m track is located in Canary Wharf, London, with other sites planned in the very near future.


The Challenge

The Capital Karts client came to us with the task of designing a new website with improved clarity in the structuring of information and messaging around their offer and various activities at Capital Karts across multiple locations. The ultimate focus was to get visitors from landing on the website through to booking completion as efficiently as possible.

It was felt that the incumbent website had lost its way having been built on at various times over time. Many visitors wanted to be able to find out quickly what Capital Karts offer, where the venues are located and how they book an activity. However, finding the right information and page layouts made it more difficult to achieve this than desired and resulted in loss of booking conversions.

84% of Capital Kart website traffic is via mobile devices and this was key to the user journey planning for this digital project. It was essential that the new website was more mobile friendly to aid booking on impulse and needed to be fully responsive across mobile, tablet and desktop.

Capital Karts is going through a period of growth so it was essential that that the site was scalable and could easily accommodate the addition of new track sites as and when they opened.

Lastly, the staff at Capital Karts need to have a clear picture for the return on investment of various marketing activities.

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The Solution

We needed to ensure that all content of the website was structured in a logical way to meet audience information needs and drive people towards making bookings. Propositions and key messages must articulated in a clear and motivating way and tone of voice is consistent and in-line with the brand. The presented content must answer organisation objectives, meets users’ information requirements, and be fully optimised for search engines.

This was achieved by:

• Providing visitors with easily accessible and useful information so they can quickly locate the venue(s) geographically and decide what activities at Capital Karts they would like to book.

• Presenting the various activities and solutions (eg. Corporate or Stag) clearly and in a way that is logical and informative.

• Producing a responsive website that presents appropriately to users independent of the device they arrive at the website on – eg. mobile, tablet or desktop.

• Ensuring the website is accessible for people with disabilities.

• Easy to use Content Management System with fully trained staff and ongoing support.

• Full tracking throughout the checkout process to understand ROI on marketing activities.

• Ultimately the success of this project is focused on increasing online bookings and revenues for the business. Significant improvements can be achieved by improving traffic to the website, conversion levels, basket sizes and repeat orders.

Want to go fast?

Experience the finest and fastest indoor track in the UK with speeds of up to 45 mph. Race the next-generation electric karts providing instant torque around the super smooth track.

With a track length of over 800 metres race with up to 20 drivers on the fast and flowing track, offering the ultimate go karting experience for both novices and experienced drivers.

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Canary Wharf Karting

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