Gary Amers

Design project including visual identity, key messaging, website consulting, strategy & planning and website redesign & development.

Gary Amers

Who is he?

Gary Amers is a highly experienced life coach with a deep passion and talent to ignite change in his client’s lives. Gary regularly works with a variety of celebrities, high net worth individuals and, most importantly, those willing and ready to change their life.


The Challenge

Several issues were identified that required addressing to support the generation of client referrals for Gary’s business and help to further establish Gary Amers as a leading life coach, therapist, and mentor.

The immediate requirement was to create a brand identity to help support Gary’s prime positioning as the “Royal Life Coach”. The look and feel of his new visual identity must be high end, luxury and premium.

Gary also recognised the importance of the role of his website to drive new clients to his business and onwards to his paid packages of services. With no existing website, most of Gary’s new business up to this point has been by referral and so the new website needs to greatly enhance this process. In addition to this, Gary would like to improve quality enquiries through search engine marketing.

The primary goal is to target visitors to sign up to one of the premium packages provided by Gary. The combined revenues from these packages will drive the growth of his business.

The Solution

Following exploration with Gary around the personality and brand values behind his business we developed a brand idendity that really establishes the business as a credible enterprise – a high end premium service.

The new visual identity was then roled into the design of the website. Credibility was built through many of the design and content elements. Content was structured in a logical way to meet audience informational needs and the business objectives. Clear navigation and simplified level of options with strong call to actions to get started. All supported by quality photography and videos. Reassurance and credibility provided support and encouragement through success stories, testimonials, advice and tips.

In summary, content answers visitor objectives, meets users’ aims and is search engine friendly.

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Gary Amers - logo design
Gary Amers - logo design - icon
Gary Amers - Life Coach - website design
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Gary Amers - Testimonials - Clients - website design
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