Redcup Coffee

Who are they?

Redcup’s MD, Jeremy was a frustrated young man when he pioneered bean to cup office coffee in his bedroom in west London back in 1999. Mainly he was frustrated by the quality of coffee that office workers were expected to drink. He was a bit of a revolutionary back then and he needed a worthy course – a coffee revolution at work.


The Challenge

To build Redcup’s brand awareness in the B2B Office coffee supply market. To help differentiate Redcup from its competitors. The Marketplace has many suppliers and therefore it’s difficult to stand out

The Solution

To position Redcup as bringing a revolution to the marketplace. It was one of the first companies to bring “real coffee” to offices. A bright, fun and refreshing company – a million miles away from the drab and insipid coffee vending machine suppliers. The result was a huge growth in coffee volumes. Growth and profile led to acquisition by the largest coffee company in Scandinavia.

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