Anne Frank Trust UK

Who are they?

Founded in 1990, the Anne Frank Trust UK uses Anne’s life and inspirational message as an anchor to educate people about damage caused by all forms of prejudice and discrimination. The Trust enters the lives of young people across the country when they are likely to be at their most vulnerable and impressionable and imbues in them the importance of positive attitudes, personal responsibility and respect for others.

They do this through educational projects in schools, prisons and communities across the UK.

The Challenge

Anne Frank Trust UK’s mission is to draw on the power of Anne Frank’s diary to challenge prejudice and hatred, embracing positive attitudes, responsibility and respect for others. The website needed to clearly portray how Anne Frank’s life, within the context of the Holocaust, relates to the work that the Trust is doing today thereby increasing awareness and greater engagement with the charity.

The Solution

We completely revamped the Anne Frank Trust’s website. Improved user experience, simple design and richer, more engaging content underpinned with the www clear positioning line ‘Challenge prejudice, reduce hatred’ have transformed the experience. Within 3 weeks of the launch  the Anne Frank Trust UK website visits increased by 6% and page views by 23%.

Anne Frank Trust charity website design

The Anne Frank Trust have been really pleased with the work Feelingpeaky have done for us. They created our main website, last year’s campaign website and this year’s Take a look and see what you think. I think you’ll like their look and easy functionality as we have had lots of compliments!

Gillian Walnes MBE, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Anne Frank Trust UK

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