The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust

Who are they?

The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust is an independent grant-making charitable fund supporting organisations and charities within the UK. The Trust provides funding to organisations working within three main areas: Health and Wellbeing; Welfare and Education; and Arts and Culture.


The Challenge

Feelingpeaky was tasked to design a new visual identity to help shine the light on the philanthropy of The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust.

Upon completion of the visual identity element of the brief, the team were then tasked to design and build a new website for the Trust, aligning the site with the newly developed visual identity, and clearly presenting to site visitors the three core funding areas of health, opportunity and culture.

There was a requirement for increased functionality with video and multimedia capability, improved News presentations and the ability for the Trust administration team to easily update content.

The website needed to be fully responsive across desktop, tablet and mobile devices and be SEO optimised.

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The Solution

We focused the design of the website to ensure that the content of the website was structured in a logical way to meet audience information needs and the organisation objectives. Propositions and key messages are articulated in a clear and motivating way. Tone of voice is consistent and in-line with the brand. The content answers organisation objectives, meets users’ aims and the website is search engine friendly.

This was achieved through the following ways:

• Visitors are provided with easily accessible and useful information about The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust.

• Grant areas and grants are presented clearly and in a way that is logical and informative.

• The website engages with the various target audiences and organisations that come looking at The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust.

• The responsive website presents attractively and functionally to users independent of the device they arrive at the website on – eg. mobile, tablet or desktop.

• The website is accessible for people with disabilities.

• The website is built using a CMS with fully trained staff and ongoing support.

The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust brand identity
The Julia and Hans Rausing Trust

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