Who are they?

REPTA, originated 1893 and still active today, are a not-for-profit association run by its members, for its members and formed off the idea of reciprocal concessionary travel. They aim to bring exclusive offers and discounts to anyone in the transport business.

The Challenge

The primary purpose of the REPTA website is to encourage people employed in the transport network to signup as a member and take advantage of offers, discounts and social events.

The current website was already a second, much improved, reincarnation site, however it was approaching six years old and not completely mobile friendly towards today’s devices. With currently 46% of people visiting the website via a mobile phone or tablet device, the membership form, which is also copy heavy, was not compatible and therefore giving a poor user experience which was detrimental to conversion.

Although REPTA had many offers to provide its members, the offers were not given prominent emphasis on the website. These offers are the leading conversion decision point for the website visitors and therefore needed to be showcased in an attractive manner.

Services delivered

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The Solution

A clean, modern responsive website design still in keeping with their brand. Primary focus on the offers and a quick search toolbar to instantly find offers of interest.

Offers are displayed in modern stylish cards with large visuals, showcasing REPTA’s popular choices at a glance. On smaller devices the cards create an easy to browse scroll.

The website membership form process was reviewed, and an additional step was introduced to reduce the heavy clutter of copy. The once long multi-paragraphed copy has been streamlined into three iconic CTA’s followed by a clean, clear and mobile friendly membership form.

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