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How we help secure WordPress for our clients

Essentials Security Service

Security is not about risk elimination, it’s about risk reduction.

This package of WordPress security services will make your website much more secure and robust to attacks. We recommend the installation and configuration of a number of key security based plugins. WordPress is a massively popular Content Management System (CMS) and as such it is often targeted for malicious activities.

The Essentials Security Service helps to reduce this risk through the implementation of a set of essential WordPress security changes:

  • Update usernames – remove any admin usernames, ensure complex usernames – to reduce brute force attack issues
  • Enforce use of complex passwords – make sure all are complex, long and unique
  • Account admin privileges – Review and reduce all from admin levels to the lowest privileges needed and only change privileges as and when needed and only for specific requirements.
  • Hide and protect wp-config.php and .htaccess files – to prevent these key files from being accessed.
  • Employ WordPress security keys – to protect your cookies and passwords in transit between the browser and web server.
  • Disable file editing within WordPress – if a hacker gets into your WordPress admin they won’t be able to edit the files
  • Update the login to admin form location – to reduce Bruteforce attacks that target the login form
  • Limit login attempts – If login form located limit number of access attempts before block
  • Remove the WordPress Version Number – As provides useful information to hackers of older versions
  • Limit logins to specific IP addresses – If someone tries to access the admin from an IP address outside this list they will be rejected.

Two security plugins are added and configured within this Essentials Security Service:

  • Security plugin – works to fix common WP holes, stop automated attacks and strengthen user credentials and limit login attempts etc. Quite simply it makes your website much more secure to hacking.
  • Malware plugin – Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening – This plugin offers four essential services: Activity monitoring, file integrity monitoring, malware scanning, blacklist monitoring.

Secure your WordPress website

We’ve helped to make many of our client’s websites secure over the years. Our WordPress Security Service Package can be implemented efficiently to provide reassurance.

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