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Period Poverty has been in the news this week following the coverage of Morrisons discreet initiative in some of its stores to offer free period products for those in need.

Period Poverty affects thousands of people in the UK, so Morrisons is asking customers, who are struggling or are in need of a sanitary product, to not be shy. In a note spotted in one of its stores the supermarket urges customers to simply go to the front desk and ask for a parcel that ‘Sandy’ has left for you. Staff then hand over an envelope with sanitary products inside.

Another great initiative to raise awareness around the issue of #periodpoverty is the ‘Periods for Periods’ project. A group of 140 designers from around the world have developed a font “made entirely out of periods” to protest period poverty in North America and campaign for free menstrual products in schools.

Each designer involved in the Periods for Periods project has developed their own fullstop – or a period – graphic. The selection ranges from the literal, with representations of uteruses, underwear, moons and flowers, to more abstract swirls and blob shapes.

The intention behind designing a collection of graphics is that they can then be used in visual protests against period poverty. The initiative is accompanied by a website, showing the whole collection of graphics and their creators and even the opportunity for you to create your own period and share it with the world!

Let’s end #periodpoverty for all! Period.