You’ll love this Junior Project Manager role!

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If you thrive by being thrown in the deep end and love to learn on-the-job, then this is the role for you.

  • Schedule workflows to keep three designers and one developer busy busy busy!
  • Keep clients up-to-date with the status of all their briefs
  • Get up to speed fast on all things digital – SEO, CMS, APPs, HTML and various other acronyms
  • Comprehend how to set up hosting space, mail boxes and populate content management systems
  • Organise status reports, and force us to have weekly status meetings, every week
  • Deal with suppliers – developers, printers, hosting space providers and most importantly the  coffee supplier
  • Find interesting topics for us to blog about so we in turn sound interesting
  • Be absurdly charming – to people ranging from Marketing Directors to IT support – on the phone and in person
  • Write, add, multiply, divide and subtract
  • Demonstrate an attention to detail that astounds all around you
  • Ignore occasional bad language – this usually means the coffee has run out

We are a creative design agency with the aim to make a real and positive difference to our client’s business. We create good design that works. Work that inspires a powerful emotional response, engages real people with brand truths and delivers measurable business results. And all from a small office in Ealing with a core team of 7, plus a few out of town colleagues who pop in regularly. Nearly all of us are young (ish).

We have fun doing it all – the lady you’ll be working most closely with has put up with us for 6 years without complaining more than 6 times a day. And we need someone like her who is in it for the long haul, not looking for a stepping stone.

Please write a fairly detailed e-mail to saying why you think you might be the right person – and when you are available. We really need to find somebody asap, to start in max 6 weeks (preferably much earlier) so you can spend a couple of months getting up to speed… You’ll also be helping to fill a space for when a colleague goes off on maternity leave later in the year. References are absolutely essential. 

If you have any questions – just give as a shout!