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If you read our May newsletter, you’ll know that Feelingpeaky is rebranding. This month we got our branding consultant in and, with the help of magazines, scissors and post-it notes, we found out some very interesting things about Feelingpeaky.

How did it work?

– We kept it to 1.5 hours: plenty of time for everyone to have their say, and not so long that it lost momentum. Our crew loved taking part – especially when they found out they were being rewarded with a pub lunch!

– We involved people with different views. Directors, designers and account managers see the clients and the agency from different perspectives. Recent joiners are more objective, old-timers have more knowledge of the company.

– We held a separate workshop for the bosses. Not that it’s a problem when you’ve got someone like Chris calling the shots, but staff can worry about looking foolish or saying something critical when the big cheeses are in the room.

– It was interactive – by the end we had a wall of paper covered in yellow stickys and pictures from magazines.

What did we learn?

– What makes us different (and better)
– What our values are and how they show in the way we work
– Who our target audiences are (and who they aren’t)
– What issues we need to solve
– Some ideas for improving our service to clients

What’s next?

Now we know who we are and where our strengths lie, we’re working on refining what we represent to our clients (our “proposition” if you like marketing lingo) and being more specific about where we are heading (our “vision”). Check out next month’s newsletter for tips to find out how we got on.

Have you got any branding workshop tips to share?