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10 SEO must-dos

By June 9, 2011 No Comments

The boys and girls at Google have been busy again. Quite rightly, they want to make sure customers get what they want when they Google something. Here are a few ideas to help you keep up with the latest and improve your SEO activity.

1. Focus on Google.

That’s still where it’s at in the UK (around 90% of all searches), with Yahoo and Bing therefore coming not very close seconds. If you have an international audience you’ll need to look at other search engines.

2. Select generic search terms and then look for qualifiers.

Think adjectives “cheap flights”, comparison/quality “compare flights”, intended use “flights to Ibiza” and brand “EasyJet flights”.

3. Educate the website team.

Make sure your website’s author(s) and editor(s) know which keyphrases to use and where they will have the most impact.

4. Prioritize the key phrases for each page.

When considering what keyphrases are right for a page, think about whether that is what the visitor was expecting to find when they typed in the search phrase.

5. Don’t overdo it.

Google spots “keyword stuffing” and will penalise you by decreasing the position of that page. A key test is that a human being can read it without noticing you’ve optimised it.

6. Update your site regularly.

Google is always on the look out for new stuff and may index a new or updated page within hours.

7. 20% of searches specify location.

(e.g. “theme parks Surrey”) so make sure you are listed on Google Places.

8. Keep your content unique.

Google has developed a special tool for filtering out duplicate content.

9. Work the crowd.

Google notices when you are being talked about on the social networks. For example, have a look at our client Longleat Safari & Adventure Park and their Facebook Account.

10. Not all links are created equal.

One link from a website with authority can be more valuable than 100 from less relevant sites.

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