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A spot colour is a pre mixed ink used in printing, it can really boost a print piece visually and using a spot colour can also save you money.

So when should you use spot colours?

– Spot colours come in a range of vibrant colours. CMYK has a number of colours it can produce however particularly vivid orange and greens cannot be achieved using CMYK.

– When the job is a single or two-colour job using a spot colour can really bring the cost down. For the same price as a four-colour job that would produce 1,000 printed A5 leaflets, you could have 7,000 printed if you used one colour! You then could use these savings elsewhere such as better quality paper stock.

– As a spot colour is a pre-mixed ink no matter who prints them the outcome will be consistent. You can create a strong brand identity through a spot colour, which can be applied across a range of print collateral. However it is worth noting that it might not always be an exact match because the output depends on the type of paper or material you’re printing on, but it will still be very close.

– Spot colours include speciality inks such as metallic and fluorescent, which can really expand you range creatively and pack a punch, why not try a metallic blue to jazz up your next print job!

By Georgina Dunn