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Did everyone think London could pull off the 2012 Olympics? At first I was a bit apprehensive, yet now I can see that it has been a huge success, and with the Paralympics about to start I am sure there is much more to come. This has been particularly due to the people getting involved and creating an amazing atmosphere, alongside the sponsored brands ensuring their campaigns created enough excitement and Olympic spirit!

My favourite brand sponsoring the Olympics has to go to Adidas. Their campaigns have been second to none, and timed perfectly to stay ahead of their main competitors Nike. Adidas have remained consistent throughout, with of course, the main highlight being on the top British athletes. Their main integrated campaign #takethestage was a huge success and ranked as one of the main topics of conversation on twitter. To me, it allowed everyone to get involved and relate, with subsequent messages following, strengthening and broadening the campaign such as ‘take the crown’, ‘take the gold’ and ‘take the pressure’. Yet one of the most important aspects to this campaign was it encouraged engagement with fans, as a Facebook page was set up to allow them to create their own image campaign and ‘take to their own stage’.

More recently, the athletes have been spotted in a Queen YouTube video, rocking out to ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’

Adidas described the video as “a unique video toasting the success of the team and capturing the mood of the nation”. I think it is fantastic that we can see the athletes in this way and join in their celebrations through this medium.


by Katie Moore