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Company Logo Design – Before and After – Part one

By March 22, 2007 No Comments

Over the past few years Feelingpeaky has been asked to re-design many company logos. Some of these were originally designed in-house by the company themselves, others simply look outdated and not in-keeping with the current way the company is looking to project itself. All though had common elements – they looked unprofessional, amateur, cluttered and on the whole just plain ugly.

Company Logo Design

The design of a company logo should embody the values of the company, present its personality and try and be the “sum of all its parts”. It should represent the company professionally and be suitable for all mediums whether it be print, web, on the side of a truck or on a company shirt.

Working with Insight Biotechnology

To get the ball rolling I thought I would present a quick before and after for a client we are working with. Their company had just completed its 10th year in business and felt now was the time to look forward to the next ten years and put the company on track forfurther growth and success.

The Original Insight Biotechnology logo…

Insight Biotechnology - old logo

and the redesigned company logo for Insight Biotechnology:

Insight Biotechnology - www logo

We feel the www company logo design displays contemporary, clean and modern characteristics the text is stacked making the company name very legible and compact in appearance. The icon chosen represents an eye taking reference from ‘insight’ – vision, penetration, awareness, observation, judgement. Depending on what way you look at the icon the ocular representation reveals itself facing either to the left or to the right which in turn works well as an optical illusion. The viewer can have different perceptions or insights. The colour green was chosen as a break from the old but also to be reflective of the area of business that the company deals in.

Since completing the initial company logo design Feelingpeaky rolled out the www branding through a variety of materials from letterheads and business cards to catalogue stickers, t-shirts, mouse mats and latterly the branding has been added to their website (by another agency).

Next time I will write a little more about the process we go through with a client in order to develop their branding and logo identity.