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Pinterest has been around for four years now and it is one of the top social media sites. It has become a valuable tool for designers and it is one of the best places to find visual inspirations around the Internet.

The idea of the Pinterest is that you collect creative ideas to your online pin board. You can save anything from poster design to food recipes to home DIY. Pinterest has got anything and everything. You can also add a Pinterest button on your toolbar so while you surf on your favorite websites and find some interesting stuff you can pin them on your board straight away. There is also an option to send pins to another user and share you board on other social media.

Using Pinterest for as a design tool

Pinterest is a good tool for designers to create online mood-boards and showcase more work online. It allows you to create themed inspiration boards, like color, textures, and typography. It is a great way to build an online library and reference your own design work. To get the best exposure for your design work you should be active and share your own work often. Also, it is a good tool to know what is going on in terms of current trends and what is popular at the moment. Seeing what other designers are working on gives you an idea of how your own works sit within current trends.

The key is to keep your board organised so it is easy to find and keep on track of your inspirations. Researching images and ideas are easier on Pinterest compared to Google image research. This is because Pinterest is a more image-based and focused website, making it easier to browse as the pinners have organised their boards accordingly. Pinterest has a very simple layout, which comes in handy when organizing you online scrapbook.

Following people and getting connected

A good way to start using Pinterest as a design tool is to start following fellow designers and studios. The more people you follow on Pinterest, the more inspirations will go on your home feed. When you first log in to your Pinterest account you will see the collection what other pinners have been pinning recently.

Not only do you get new inspirations from your fellow designers and studios but you can also gain useful network connections. So it is worth connecting your Pinterest with your to other social media as well.

It is easy to get carried away and spend a lot of time browsing interesting stuff on Pinterest but the idea behind Pinterest is also very much that it will get people to do stuff rather than simply sit in front of the computer. Overall Pinterest is a great way to boost your business and your creativity. Pinterest can be used as an extension of your portfolio. Giving your work more exposure on the web.