Starting your own business is always hard, but fully launching into your business with gusto only then to face a complete lock down for weeks on end is truly something else. 

Footy Fun 4 Kids started delivering football activities in a fun and learning environment in Wandsworth and Ealing in 2014. It became the founder’s full focus in 2020.

They pride themselves in being one of the top rated children’s football deliverers in West London – encouraging children from 18-months to 12 years of age to have fun on the pitches across the week. Then lock down hit!!

How we helped

1. Online learning
Each week Coach Chris prepared two interactive training videos to be placed online for the children to have a version of “Footie Fun” in their homes. We helped set up the videos on Vimeo, password protect and link through to the website. These were then sold online through their  booking system Class 4 Kids to provide some level of revenue during the worst times and to enable the children to still engage with their football club.

11 Episodes have been created to date and are presented on the website.

2. One-to-One Sessions
Just recently lock-down restrictions have started to ease. Now the coaches are able to run One-to-One private coaching and social distancing adapted training. We helped put together a page to promote the One-to-One football training sessions for kids.

This is now set to expand into training sessions with 4 team members. And as lock down measures relax we wish Chris and the team at Footie Fun all the best as they expand the business and help more children have fun playing football.