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Cookie policy changes within GDPR

Most businesses rely on consent, but with the new GDPR’s strengthened requirements it will be much harder to obtain legal consent.

Feelingpeaky Cookie Policy Monster

What does this mean?

1. Implied cookie consent is no longer sufficient.

2. ‘By using this site, you accept cookies’ messages are no longer sufficient

3. It must be easy to withdraw consent

4. Sites will need to provide an opt-out option

Does your website use cookies for analytics, advertising and functional services, such as survey and chat tools? If so, Cookies used in this way could identify users and will therefore be subject to GDPR compliance.

How to achieve compliance

We’ve implemented an opt-in / opt-out consent method on the Feelingpeaky website.

Cookie Consent Bar

Clear notification of Cookies with ability for user to accept or manage.

Cookie Settings Management

A clear breakdown of all Cookies being used with disable / enable options.

Cookies Policy Page

Information about Cookies, details of ones we use with a link to Cookie settings.

Can we help you become GDPR compliant?

If you need help adding Cookie consent to your website or any other GDPR compliance changes we’d be happy to help.

Enquire now about Cookie Consent