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Lightrider is a Patented bike light with a unique rear-facing beam that came to market early this year. Back in 2013 Feelingpeaky were asked to review and revamp Lightrider’s existing branding – with a goal for it to be rolled out across P.O.S, product packaging, an ecommerce store and on the product itself. The client wanted something that was bold and that would stand out in the market.

Our next task was to develop an ecommerce store to sell the Lightrider products alongside their launch at the 2014 Bike Show.

Our solution was a Shopify store that is fully responsive for desktop and mobile purchasing. Designed in-line with the new brand identity and uniquely positioned against competitors with clean, easy-to-use navigation for great usability. Social media accounts are connected, newsletter sign-up implemented, Paypal integrated and the whole ecommerce store optimised for search engines alongside our own browser, platform and accessibility testing.

Lightrider Shopify Store

Visit Lightrider at:

Shopify is the UK’s Ecommerce Leader and takes the hassle out of running an online store – leaving you to focus on what you do best; building and selling your products.  Shopify allows us to provide our client’s with lots of functionality and implementing further functionality in the future is relatively easy. Alongside Magento, Shopify is one Feelingpeaky’s preferred e-commerce platforms and has over 100 premium templates available. Combining our passion for design, it provides a solid platform for any fully responsive ecommerce store.

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