Magento ecommerce: Why our developers & designers love it!

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In today’s world, it is becoming apparent that ecommerce is simply more popular than traditional shopping for many products and services.  People around the world have fully adopted the notion of making purchases online, and most companies have learned that offering ecommerce is a great way to boost business.

IMRG / Capgemini, predict that the e-commerce market in the UK will grow by 110% over the next decade, reaching £123bn by 2020.

If you are looking to add online shopping to your website, we believe Magento ecommerce is by far the most comprehensive and successful platform available.  There’s an open source community edition that packs so much punch Rocky’s knees would tremble. Feelingpeaky love Magento ecommerce as it is so flexible and is something that can be truly tailored to meet all of your online business needs.

5 reasons why our Magento designers and Magento developers love it!

1. Because Magento is fully modular the layout, structure and content can be fully themed to meet your needs.

2. It accommodates a whole plethora of client needs out of the box and can be set up and adapted to meet your specific trading needs.

3. Wow – a massive community around the ecommerce platform that is supportive and growing – providing a large and diverse range of add on modules to extend the functionality even further.

4. The platform offers comprehensive features for marketing, analytics, SEO, and more. It offers you the ability to really make your site your own, adding a catalogue of products, the ability to include multiple images for each product, and even the ability to provide your customers with mobile shopping options.

5. Did we mention that it has a community version – open source ie. Free for us (and therefore you) to use as we please, customise and develop. Therefore, all your budget goes into the design and development of your ecommerce site, without big chunks of money passing over to software vendors.

Finding a Magento designer

By working hand in hand with a talented Magento partner (that would be us – here at Feelingpeaky) who understands your company goals, you can get an affordable ecommerce website that really sets your company up for growth online.

A strong online presence and a great site developed with the Magento ecommerce platform can help your company move well beyond your normal group of customers and can bring you business from around the country or around the world.

For Magento ecommerce design and development contact Feelingpeaky on
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