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Modernise existing site, make responsive and drive newsletter sign-ups and call bookings/enquiries.


Feelingpeaky Ltd first worked with Carole Ann Rice, one of the UK’s leading coaches and Daily Express columnist, in 2007 and were responsible for the original incarnation of her website. Carole Ann has previously described this original site as being “without doubt the most effective way to attract clients to my life coaching practice”. So when asked bring it into the responsive digital era we were feeling a bit of pressure to retain the high praise!


Brief Summary

Redesign the Real Coach Co. website and make it mobile friendly. The primary track-able goals were to drive increased sign-ups for Carole Ann’s weekly newsletter ‘Wit & Wisdom’ and drive the bookings of no obligation 30 minute trial life coaching consultations.


The design of the new website is quite a departure from Carole Ann’s original site which was a deliberate nod to her growth in stature and reputation in life-coach circles. It feels more luxurious which aims to help target her anticipated audience.


“Almost without exception, it is a universal thumbs up for the website.” – Carole Ann Rice


The client seems happy, and with 10+ newsletter signups in the first 5 days of launch – so are we!