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The Pilgrim Trust is an independent charitable trust that was set up in 1930 to support the urgent and future needs of the UK. Over the decades, they’ve supported a wide range of causes, adapting to the changing circumstances and needs in the UK.

The trust gives around £3 million in grants each year to charities and other public bodies that focus on preserving the UK’s heritage or bringing about social change. Their aims are to improve the life chances of the most vulnerable and preserve the best of our past for the public to enjoy.

We have been working with the team at the Pilgrim Trust to refresh their visual identity to help to shine a light on the philanthropy of their work. This was then underpinned by a new responsive website, aligning with the refreshed visual identity, to ensure a cohesive presentation of their grant giving. Brand touchpoints were also built out covering social media assets and stationary.

The Pilgrim Trust

Chris and the Feelingpeaky team have been amazing. Our website and new branding look fantastic and the feedback from our team, trustees and stakeholders has been very positive. We were guided through the whole process and really supported to make a website and brand that represents the Pilgrim Trust and the grants we make.

We found Chris and the team had a really strong understanding of Trusts and Foundations sector and how to best communicate to potential and current grant holders. Not to forgetting that the whole team was thoughtful (and patient!) in all those last niggly edits to get the website perfect. Thanks to Chris and the Feelingpeaky team for making a big project a pleasure rather than a stress to do.

Tara Cooper
Communications Manager, The Pilgrim Trust