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Three brands I would like to work with – Micro, Gü and Duplo

By November 27, 2012 No Comments

A big regret of mine is not putting a pedometer on my son’s Mini Micro Scooter when I purchased it four years ago. He must have scooted hundreds, if not thousands of miles. Add to that the environmental clean-up job that thousands of 4/5 year olds have done by picking up the postman’s rubber bands and showcasing them on their T-bars and this is one green product. The canny business owners have picked up on this trend by launching loads of T-bar accessories. You can also get spare parts which is a great facility for when your scooter is in a park ‘incident’. We’ve moved on to the Maxi Micro and to be honest I’m eyeing up an adult version for Christmas. Great product!

I don’t really have a sweet tooth. Honest. I don’t even really buy puddings but there is something about  that I love. And I am not alone – it’s estimated that a Gü pud is now eaten somewhere in the world every 2 seconds. Not bad for a company that was only launched in 2003. Their logo and packaging is great. Their tone of voice is brilliant. My only complaint is that their “Want free Gü for your office” offer is blatantly biased to the larger office – only being available to offices of over 100 people. Small offices need Gü too!

What, Duplo? Surely you mean Lego? Actually no I meant what I said. Duplo is fantastic for pre-schoolers (and a great way to hook them in to its older Lego brother I’m sure). As a mum I love the fact that whilst my toddler is building his tower/boat/thingy he is actually developing his fine motor skills. It’s also great that we can build stuff together and it is amazing how from such a young age they completely get the notion of construction. Plus it hurts less when you step on it than Lego does. From a communications point of view though it does feel a bit like an attention deprived second child – I think Lego need to invest in its communications a bit more. I know an agency that would love to help.


By Frances Evans, Director and Mother!