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A recent survey read via notes that the top priorities of fundraising directors from the top 100 charities.

Interestingly, the top priority was to ‘steady the ship’ in respect to the maintenance of current income levels rather than unlock www opportunities. Staff issues also hit one of the top spots in terms of retaining and attracting good quality staff. In terms of investment it appears major donor fundraising is seen as key and one of the major opportunities. However, it is felt that certain types of charity have more of an allure to this type of donor than others.

So what about online fundraising?

It was noted in the survey that online fundraising came a distant second place behind major donor at just 44% of directors believing this was one of the biggest areas of growth, closely followed by mobile and text technology. But this is perhaps to be expected when talking to the top 100 charities, where investment in these technologies have most likely been well established.  The opportunity for growth in online fundraising really lies in the thousands of smaller charities. These Charities to varying degrees still have the opportunity if not the resource to get the most out of investing and improving in online fundraising …And where we can we’re happy to help! 


Chris Peak