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The Thames Explorer Trust is a charity that raises awareness of the River Thames through a range of educational activities.

From their headquarters on the banks of the Thames at Chiswick, West London, they run learning programmes that get people out onto the foreshore to engage hands-on with the history, ecology and geography of the UK’s most famous river.

We have been working with the team at the Thames Explorer Trust to define their users and create a new responsive website that better defines the services offered, makes user journeys more streamlined and gives more prominence to email sign-ups and donations.

Thames Explorer

Now that we have the website up and running and have had chance to see it in action I just wanted to write to you to tell you how pleased I am with it.

Firstly, working with you was a very positive experience. Initially we were undecided whether to go for a smaller or larger organisation. I seem to recall I sent several organisations an e-mail which laid out what state our current website was in and our goals for a new website. You were the only organisation which read through the e-mail, studied our website and got behind what the problems were. This was evident by the questions you sent back – this interest swung the job in your favour. Beyond that I was really impressed by the level of understanding which you tried to achieve for the new design. This is not an easy thing as we have several strands of activities however I feel you were really able to get behind how we operate. Throughout the process I appreciate your calm and understanding manner and for showing flexibility on some off the changes that were necessary. Speaking to you was always a positive experience and our new website functions simply and efficiently. Recently we have had a string of enquiries through the online form which you developed as well as activating a free online programme which we have never being able to connect people to

Simon Clarke
Trust Director, Thames Explorer Trust