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DIY copywriting; it seems like a good idea at the time. But many of our clients find themselves baffled by what to write. And when they do write it, they often find it doesn’t bring in the results they hoped for. A good copywriter will…..

1. Quickly get to grips with your brand, your brief and your organisation and write the words you want, while you get on with your day job.

2. Write words that tap into your customers’ needs and persuade them to buy your product or service.

3. Create a verbal identity that reflects your brand and brings consistency to your marketing material.

4. Work seamlessly with your design agency so that it all comes together without you spending time coordinating it.

5. Complete the work fast so that your project goes live when you want it to go live.

6. Contribute specialist knowledge about the best way to write for each medium, e.g. writing web copy so that it works for both readers and search engines.

7. Be scarily pedantic about making sure your copy is grammatically correct.

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