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Blogging. Why bother?

By May 26, 2011 No Comments

It’s a tiresome thought isn’t it?  Especially if you don’t particularly like writing.  And just because everyone else is at it, does it mean there are any benefits for you?  Here are our top 8 reasons on why blogging is a good thing.

1. More potential customers find you

Blogs increase your search engine ratings.  Write on relevant subjects and make it keyword rich so that you attract plenty of the right customers.

2. Conversation starters

Use your blog to get potential customers talking to you.  People ask questions, you answer them – it helps them get to know you.  And only when they know you will they trust you.

3. Other bloggers will talk about you

They will point at your site through an inbound link, sending their readers to your blog so that more people find out about your services and products.

4. Your readers will multiply

Syndicating your content via RSS feeds is easy.  That way you get your message out there where lots more people see it.

5. Demonstrate your expertise

Writing a blog proves that you know what’s going on in your industry and have something to say about it.

6. Sell without the sales pitch

You can spread news about your company’s achievements, about prestigious or complex projects you’ve worked on or about new products and services.

7. It gives you ideas

You learn a lot when you write a blog.  Thinking about what you are going to write, and reading other people’s blogs can give you fresh ideas for your own business.

8. It’s easy to set up

It can be as simple as adding a module to your existing website.  And if you don’t have time to write it yourself, you can always get a professional in.

What do you think about blogging?  Good thing or bad thing?