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What is CMS Made Simple?

CMS Made Simple (CMSMS) does what it says on the tin – It is a content management system or CMS that is extremely simple for clients to use. It enables them to take control of their websites ensuring they remain up to date, relevant and constantly engaging. There is nothing worse in my view than seeing a website that says “NEWS – Feb 2002!” – It simply says this site / business is unloved. It also suggests that the business really doesn’t understand the importance of the Internet in driving new leads, prospects and customers to their business. Often though this is the result of the web design agency delivering a “static site” ie. A site that cannot be updated practically without further assistance from the website design agency (usually at extra expense). With a content management system the client controls their content and keeps things fresh.

CMS Made Simple is often all you need…

Feelingpeaky have provided many different CMS solutions for clients over the years. From bespoke CMS to recognised open source solutions like Drupal, WordPress and CushyCMS.  However, in our experience CMS Made Simple will generally provide all a client needs on a day to day basis.

– Ability to add, edit, delete pages and content within
– Rearrange structure as the site develops, manage news and events
– Edit multi placed content blocks
– The CMS also allows us to set up forms to receive enquiries
– Ability to upload file eg. PDF press releases and attach to pages

Visit: for further information on features and benefits.

CMS Made Simple Advantages

CMS Made Simple has a number of advantages – It is open source – We are therefore able to use the base code freely, there are no proprietary fees and therefore all development fees go on the project itself; It has a large developer community behind it; and is extremely robust and well featured for a CMS program. Yet it is extremely simple for non technical people to use and administrate their website.

So do you have much experience in CMSMS?

Do we ‘eck! … Lots and lots and lots of sites both designed and developed for CMS Made Simple. Here are a few examples of the many sites completed…

1. Chamonix All Year

2. Soccer Suckers

3. Louis Kennedy

4. The Safety Business

5. Vilensky Event Music

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