How Does Your Mobile Phone Characterise You?

By September 7, 2012 No Comments

Earlier in the year, Nielsen found out that almost 50% of mobile phone users now own a smartphone. This has led to an on-going battle over which is the best smartphone and operating system.

Hunch has now gone one step further into this battle as to publish an infographic demonstrating the different traits between iPhone and Android users. Yes, that is correct- we have become so materialistic that we are now judged not just on our houses, cars, clothes and jobs, but now even our mobile phones!

So, what does your mobile phone say about you?

Out of the 15,818 people that were interrogated about their mobile operating systems, they found that the most popular was the Apple iOS with 32% and its fierce competition Android came in second place with 21%.

Demographically an Android user tends to be younger between 18 -34 years and are more likely to live in the suburbs or country. Whereas 29% of iPhone users are over 35 years; and are typically city dwellers. Interestingly, if you are an iPhone user you represent the richer spectrum of society with 67% of users having an annual household income of £200k or more. Moreover, 37% of iPhone users have a graduate degree, compared to the 80% of Android users who are more likely to have a high school diploma.

Personality-wise Android users appear to be the pessimistic introverts in society whom save their money, are 12% more likely to have pets; are later adopters of technology yet are better at mathematics and verbal aptitude. On the other hand iPhone users are more optimistic and enjoy spending their money, yet 39% are more likely to be high-maintenance but with strong verbal aptitude. They are more likely to enjoy the life of luxury- playing a musical instrument, been on holiday in the past 6 months and be the first adopters of new technology.

Going into further analysis, iPhone users are 50% more likely to text whilst driving, whereas the safer Android users would more likely text whilst waiting in a queue. Yet Android users seem to prefer the sweeter things in life such as mini-pizzas, sirloin steak, popcorn and chocolate compared to iPhone users who would prefer to snack on sushi, mixed nuts, ginger snaps and yoghurt.

The comparison list then delves into which TV shows, films, books, trees and entertainment one should prefer; all dependent on the type of mobile you possess. You can take a better look yourself below. The question is, do the findings of the infographic ring true for you? Let us know if you will now judge a person by his or her mobile phone in the comments below.

Click on infographic below to see large and find out more details…


by Katie Moore