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After moving to London from Poland I found it very tough to get into marketing roles, especially with the marketplace being so competitive. I quickly realised an internship would be the best move to get my career started here in the UK.

My 4 month internship at  Feelingpeaky proved to be hugely influential in getting interviews at other digital companies and eventually gaining a permanent job.

The best thing about working at Feelingpeaky was the vast amount I’ve learnt over the course of 4 months. As Feelingpeaky is a small agency I was able to get involved in numerous activities. I was given several tasks and projects for me to work on alone (with some feedback and direction from time to time of course!) right from the beginning. My responsibilities encompassed website content population, e-mail campaign management, social media management including assisting in the creation of a social media strategy for Longleat Safari & Adventure Park. I was a vital part of team responsible for the content population of the Anne Frank Trust website. I actively took part in managing and building relationships with Feelingpeaky clients, such as Longleat Safari & Adventure Park. Whilst working in Feelingpeaky I experienced  fast–paced agency life.

Last but not least, the team were extremely supportive and  patient. They provided me with a vast amount of knowledge, advice and training – if I was a bit confused with my tasks, someone always sat down with me and got me through it.

My time with Feelingpeaky was definitely a supporting factor in me securing my current position as Account Executive at the Locker Room.

Thank you Feelingpeaky!