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Starting anywhere new is always a scary thought, but I can confidently say that joining Feelingpeaky for a 3 month account management internship has been the best decision I have made career-wise so far! Having been here for about 2 months now, I have truly experienced ‘agency life’ (not being asked to get teas and coffees but actual work!) and been through a steep learning process, gaining the practical knowledge required after graduation. I have recently completed an MSc in Marketing at Oxford Brookes University and then made the move down from Cheshire to London to join the exciting city life!

 As Feelingpeaky is a small agency, I have been given a high amount of responsibility right from the beginning, which although has been tough – I know it has been worthwhile. Everyone has provided me with ample knowledge, advice and training to be able to take on some of my own client projects alongside working on some of the larger projects such as Longleat Safari & Adventure Park. This experience has challenged my organisational skills and creativity – from copywriting and ensuring there is enough call to action included; to ensuring the design work is how the client has requested. In today’s digital-orientated society, it is now more important than ever to ensure your target audience is visually engaged, yet sustaining the brand image at its core. This is one aspect which I believe Feelingpeaky excels in, as they understand what the client wants, who their audience is and how to get the results required.

One of my best parts about the internship has been getting to know everyone in the office better; through going out for after work drinks to trying to feed them jam doughnuts at lunch time (I think I was a bad influence!) I have also loved the variety of projects that I have been able to work on. This has stemmed across a wide array of fields from email marketing, PPC, SEO, website management to social media. Developing all these new skills has been tough but rewarding, and I know I will come away from this internship with a new insight into where I want to head next…. The important part is that I am on the marketing ladder now, which is often the hardest step!