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Inter IKEA Systems B.V., the owner and worldwide franchise owner of the IKEA Concept, commissioned Feelingpeaky to produce an internal learning resource manual to help aid the successful implementation of the IKEA Concept.

Feelingpeaky took the base content supplied by Inter IKEA Systems and transformed it into a 116 page manual that communicated the systems and methods used for implementing retail supply integration. The intention was to provide contemporary knowledge and demonstrate the IKEA Way to enhance the competitiveness of the IKEA Concept by explaining why a system or method is recommended, what it is and why it exists. The goal is to have the user understand and have the ability to act in accordance with the recommendations to distinguish IKEA operations in the market.

Feelingpeaky provided copywriting services, creative concepting as well as DTP and project management services. The end result was a very cost-efficient and resourceful publication for the client and we have already been briefed on our second manual project – Customer Delivery Logistics The IKEA Way.

Retail Supply Integration