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These days, visitors expect the page to “appear” within three seconds and the faster your website, the more engaged the visitor will be. Plus, speed is now something that Google tracks in its ranking algorithms, therefore a slow or poorly performing website will have a detrimental effect on your search engine rankings.

Taking this on board we’ve become obsessed. Aiming for perfection each time, here are few of our latest speedy sites we are looking after:

Based on GTmetrix pagespeed report on 22nd March 2018

Nearly there!

Original Score

Henry Smith Charity

UK Based Grant Giving Charity

Based on GTmetrix pagespeed report on 3rd May 2018

So Close!

Original Score

Kiwi Landscapes

Garden Landscapers

Based on GTmetrix pagespeed report on 27th March 2018


Original Score

It’s important to remember that achieving that 100% speed score might not always be possible depending upon how the website environment is setup.

So how did we do this?

It was a combination of events from some quick small tweaks, some larger more in-depth changes and some hard-working passion. We break the wordpress website speed optimisation up into four areas and tackle each one, fine tuning until we’ve got the website speed to its maximum potential.

Image review and optimisation
Optimisation of code – HTML, CSS and Javascript
Website caching
Profiling performance – plugin performance

Page speed scoring tools report on the real-world performance of a page for mobile and desktop devices and let you look at potential issues and may advise you on best practices.

We Recommend trying GTmetrics for a free speed report.

Speed up your WordPress website

We’ve helped to speed up WordPress websites for many of our clients. Our website speed and performance package can be implemented efficiently to rapidly deliver an optimised website experience to your customers.

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